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  • Eliminated Anonymous East

  • Quick Shift: What do you want to see in Elimination Cafe this year?

  • Quick Shift: The CWHL folding is an opportunity for the NWHL

  • Quick Shift: The Devils and Rangers Fans actually agree on something

  • Quick Shift: Matthew Tkachuk won Calgary's award for sportsmanship and respect off the ice

  • Quick Shift: Should Owners Publicly Call Out Players?

  • Quick Shift: How Important is the Presidents Trophy?

  • Quick Shift: How competitive is the ACHA?

  • Quick Shift: How much did the Russian Five change the game of hockey?

  • Quick Shift: When will we see the first woman ref in the NHL?

  • Quick Shift: Best NHLer nicknames

  • Quick Shift: Which NHL Team Has The Best Atmosphere?

  • Do Announcers enhance your experience of a game?

  • Quick Shift: What Bubble Teams Are Going To Make It?

  • Quick Shift: What Hockey Topics Do You Want To Discuss?

  • Hockey Lies | Hockeytonky in Boston

  • Quick Shift: How do you feel about International Hockey?

  • Quick Shift: We're going to the Tournament from The Mighty Ducks

  • Quick Shift: NWHL Playoffs

  • Quick Shift: Top 10 Moments of February in the NHL

  • Quick Shift: Tavares isn't the Worst

  • Quick Shift: Fighting with Chara

  • Quick Shift: Islanders Fans... Relax

  • Quick Shift: Your Most Hated Player

  • Quick Shift: Your Favorite Memory!

  • Quick Shift: What makes you go to games?

  • Quick Shift: Progression of USA Hockey

  • Quick Shift: Hockey on Social Media

  • Quick Shift: Ovechkin The Best

  • Quick Shift: Carolina's Celebration

  • Quick Shift: Coaches Get Fired All The Time

  • Quick Shift: When Concussions Happen

  • Quick Shift: Red Bull Crashed Ice

  • Quick Shift: Flyers' Hot Streak

  • Quick Shift: Hockey is Less Popular Than Soccer

  • Quick Shift: Who's Gonna Win the Cup?

  • Quick Shift: Beer League Hockey

  • Quick Shift: Consuming The Game

  • Quick Shift: Why Doesn't Women's Hockey Get the Respect It Deserves

  • Quick Shift: Puck Tracking

  • Quick Shift: Gritty's All-Star Weekend


  • Quick Shift: The Skills Competition

  • Quick Shift: Are the Islanders Really This Good?

  • Quick Shift: Do you care about the All-Star Game?

  • Quick Shift: Who's getting traded?

  • Quick Shift: How Do You Handle Your Team Losing?

  • Quick Shift: Has the Winter Classic Lost Its Appeal?

  • Quick Shift: Crosby vs Ovechkin

  • Quick Shift: Jersey Fouls

  • Quick Shift: Adidas All Star Jerseys

  • Would you take PK Subban on your team?

  • Hockey is Hockey

  • Top 6 Storylines of the 2018-19 NHL Season

  • Hockey in the South Fan Favorites

  • The Line Up: 6 Leagues That Are Better Than You Think


  • NHL Opinion Hockey in the South

  • Top 6 Coaches to Have Won the Jack Adams Trophy

  • Playing Street Hockey in the Neighborhood

  • John Schiavo flexes at the Muscle Skate in NY

  • NHL Elimination Cafe 2018 Supercut

  • Elimination Cafe 2018 - Last Call

  • Top 6 Vote: Coaches to Have Won The Jack Adams Trophy


  • NHL Opinion | The Case for Bettman

  • Tell us why you think the Minnesota Wild Suck | Your Hockey Team Sucks

  • Elimination Cafe 2018 | Round 3

  • Change My Mind - The NHL is NOT Fixed

  • Top 6 Franchises To NEVER Win The Stanley Cup

  • Elimination Cafe 2018 | Round 2

  • Top 6 Vote: NHL Teams that have never won the Stanley Cup


  • Freesylin with John Schiavo

  • NHL Pick 'Em Playoff Edition | 2018

  • Elimination Cafe 2018 | Round One

  • Tell us why you think the Washington Capitals Suck | Your Hockey Team Sucks

  • The First Game - Our Hockey Story | Bryce Salvador

  • Your Hockey Team Sucks - Philadelphia Flyers

  • Top 6 NHL Team Names

  • Top 6 Results | Hockey Jersey Numbers to Wear

  • Top 6 Best NHL Players of the 1990's

  • Top 6 Challenge - Players from the 90's that aren't Gretzky or Lemieux

  • NHL: The New Season | Last Jedi

  • The Best Hockey Stick Curves

  • Getting fitted for hockey skates at xHockeyProducts

  • New Hockey Gear | xHockeyProducts Pro Shops | Hockey Achievements

  • TOP 6 Conn Smythe Trophy Winners

  • A British Hockey Player in America

  • NHL Elimination Cafe - Round 3

  • NHL Elimination Cafe - Round Two

  • NHL Elimination Cafe

  • Flyers Fans vs NY Rangers Fans | Hockey Achievements

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