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  • Quick Shift: Positive Hockey

  • Quick Shift: Should kids play more than just one sport?

  • Quick Shift: How do you feel about how Babcock has been treated after being fired?

  • Quick Shift: What is the Weirdest Thing You've Seen at a Hockey Game?

  • Quick Shift: When Do You Trade Your Franchise Players?

  • Quick Shift: When Should A Play Be Blown Dead?

  • Let’s talk about Don Cherry

  • Quick Shift: Why do the Boston Bruins Suck??

  • Quick Shift: Veteran's Day 2019

  • Quick Shift: USA Hockey Bans All Hate Speech

  • Should the NHL Make a Rule That Rewards Good Drafting?

  • Quick Shift: Voracek Waves Off A Penalty...

  • We're Helping The 1980 Miracle Team Build A Statue At Lake Placid

  • Quick Shift: Adult league isn't important but you should still care about it.

  • Quick Shift: Was Matthews taking a shot on Ovi with this one?

  • Quick Shift: Ovechkin Is The Number 1 Scoring Left Winger Of All Time

  • Quick Shift: What NHL Player Do You Misremember?

  • Quick Shift: Ron Francis Podcast Release

  • Quick Shift: What is your favorite hockey game memory?

  • Quick Shift: What are you wearing for Halloween?

  • Your Hockey Teams Sucks Seattle

  • Mike Richter's Message to Rangers Fans

  • What NHLer (dead or alive) would you want to meet?

  • Quick Shift: A shout out to all those who donate their time to spread the game!

  • Quick Shift: What is your team's best slogan?

  • Quick Shift: Does the schedule really effect if teams wins or lose?

  • Bryan Trottier - Transcending His Legacy

  • Quick Shift: What NHLer's are doing more outside of the game?

  • NHL 20 Hockey Ultimate Team with Ray Carsillo

  • NHL 20 World of CHEL with Ray Carsillo

  • NHL 20 Draft Champions with Ray Carsillo

  • NHL20 Threes with Ray Carsillo

  • Introducing the WeLive.Hockey podcast

  • NHL 20 Review: Be a Pro Goalie

  • NHL 20 FINAL Review

  • NHL 20 Review: Be A Pro Part 2

  • NHL 20 Review: Be A Pro Part 1

  • What hockey bucket list item are you checking off this season?

  • NHL 20 Expansion Franchise Mode

  • NHL 20 Gameplay with Ray Carsillo

  • Your Hockey Team Sucks: New York Islanders

  • Does EA's NHL franchise listen to their fans?

  • Hockey First Nation: Building the Game with Bryan Trottier

  • Your Hockey Team Sucks: Vancouver Canucks

  • Your Hockey Team Sucks: Detroit Red Wings (with Darren McCarty)

  • Elimination Cafe Giveaway Winners Announced

  • Elimination Cafe 19 - Bonus Round

  • Quick Shift: Don't freak out about the NHL draft!

  • Your Hockey Team Sucks: Vegas Golden Knights

  • Quick Shift: Who's gonna win at the NHL awards this year?

  • Elimination Cafe 19 - Final Round

  • Quick Shift: What kind of content should we do this summer?

  • We're Giving Stuff Away

  • Quick Shift: What's your favorite story of a player pushing through injury?

  • Quick Shift: Hockey Moms aren't crazy

  • Quick Shift: UNSOLVED MYSTERY, The Kelly Cup

  • Quick Shift: How important is the NHL Scouting Combine?

  • Quick Shift: How important are Captains in Hockey?

  • Quick Shift: What is your worst Stanley Cup Memory?

  • Quick Shift: What is your favorite Stanley Cup moment?


  • Quick Shift: What is Southern Hockey REALLY like?

  • Quick Shift: We're giving away bunch of hockey swag!

  • Quick Shift: Who inspires you within the game (with John Schiavo)

  • Elimination Cafe 19 - Round 3

  • Quick Shift: The World Championships help grow the game

  • Quick Shift: How do you feel about the NBC announcers in these playoffs?

  • Quick Shift: Should ref's call more penalty's during the playoffs?

  • Quick Shift: Why doesn't the NHL Network have a decent streaming App?

  • Quick Shift: Do you watch CHL Hockey?

  • Quick Shift: Have you been watching the World Championships?

  • Elimination Cafe 19 - Round 2

  • Quick Shift: Do You Watch Minor League Hockey?

  • Quick Shift: How Do you Feel About Bandwagon Fans?

  • Quick Shift: Women aren't asking for millions, just a liveable wage

  • Quick Shift: Stop Blaming the Refs

  • Quick Shift: Diving in Hockey

  • Quick Shift: How good of a coach is Barry Trotz?

  • Quick Shift: Maybe the new playoff format isn't so bad

  • Elimination Cafe 19 - Round 1

  • Quick Shift: What about hockey motivates you?

  • Eliminated Anonymous West

  • Eliminated Anonymous East

  • Quick Shift: How much did the Russian Five change the game of hockey?


  • NHL Opinion Hockey in the South

  • Playing Street Hockey in the Neighborhood

  • NHL Elimination Cafe 2018 Supercut

  • Elimination Cafe 2018 - Last Call



  • Elimination Cafe 2018 | Round One

  • Your Hockey Team Sucks - Philadelphia Flyers

  • Top 6 NHL Team Names

  • Top 6 Results | Hockey Jersey Numbers to Wear

  • Top 6 Best NHL Players of the 1990's

  • The Best Hockey Stick Curves

  • New Hockey Gear | xHockeyProducts Pro Shops | Hockey Achievements

  • NHL Elimination Cafe - Last Call

  • NHL Elimination Cafe - Round Two

  • NHL Elimination Cafe

  • Throwback Classic | Law & Order | Ted Linsday & Detroit's Finest

  • Flyers Fans vs NY Rangers Fans | Hockey Achievements

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